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Fullsac CX-Pipe
2009-2014 Touring


The Fullsac CX Pipe is a direct replacement performance header for the restrictive stock catalyst headpipe. Bolts on like stock, accepts stock crossover and heat shields providing a showroom stock apearance while being compatable with all OEM replacement mufflers. Back to back dyno testing has shown a 6-10 HP increase with large gains in TQ. Tig welded from 16 guage 1.75 tubing with a true 15 degree merged collector. CNC machined billit exhaust flanges provide a perfect match to the exhaust port for higher air flow and a leak free fit. 1800 degree Black ceramic coating provides a thermal heat barrier reducing surface tempatures while improving rider comfort.

Retail cost $479.00


• All X-Pipes come with 12mm 02 ports as shown below.

• An extra pair 18mm ports can be added for an additional $20.00

•One set of 02 plugs are included.

Note: The 2009 Harley's require the 18mm ports.


Fullsac Performance DX Pipe with full round crossover shown below with additional 18mm 02 ports.

Dx Pipe

Fullsac Performance DX Pipe

The new DX Pipe is the latest exhaust technology in the ongoing research at Fullsac Performance. The new DX collector creates equal flow to the left side muffler with the new full round crossover. The 1.75 mandrel bent crossover replaces Harley's restrictive smashed pipe improving both performance and sound quality. The DX Pipe is a direct replacement for the stock header. Uses all factory heat shields. Looks completely stock when installed.

Retail price $ 529.00

All DX-Pipes come with 12mm 02 ports as shown below

Additional pair of 18mm 02 ports $20.00, includes one set of plugs.

dx close up

Dx Bike Shot

bike close up

ECM remapping with TTS tuning software is highly recomended when the X Pipe is used in combination with high flow mufflers and performance air cleaners. Fullsac Performance provides dyno tuned fuel calibrations for our kits.

DX-Pipe with Heat Shields Installed


Please call us direct to place this order. 928-505-2912

Fullsac Performance exhaust products are not emissions compliant for use on public highways in the state of California or any other state where similar laws may apply when installed on motor vehicles originally equipped with catalyst exhaust. It is the responsibility of the user to determine suitability of this product for their model and intended use.

Very Cool Wheelie Photo

Never ride with a halfsac. Insist on Fullsac Performance!

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